Nothing Else Like It

The ultimate cross over superyacht

The SeaXplorer is the world’s first purpose-built, Polar Code compliant expedition yacht with full capability for remote destinations –– from extreme Polar to remote Tropical areas. From the very first sketches to the fully engineered range, DAMEN has designed every detail of these ruggedised yachts for the most extraordinary adventures anywhere on the planet.

Safety First: Purpose Built for the polar code

Superyacht owners are increasingly discovering the spectacular beauty of the polar regions. However, crews and owners should be aware of the safety risks for those on board as well as the potential environmental harm. Plus, the new Polar Code in force for both new and existing vessels raises the minimum standards for safety and environmental protection.

Polar regions have many hazards that yachts don’t encounter in their normal cruising grounds.

  • You will experience notoriously unpredictable and rapidly changing conditions.
  • With even small changes in wind and currents, you can quickly find yourself surrounded by ice, which can be very dangerous for yachts without ice strengthening.
  • Once stuck in the ice, it can take weeks before help arrives. It’s even possible that the yacht succumbs to the forces in the ice and sinks.
  • Topside icing will influence stability as well as machinery that was not designed to operate in subfreezing conditions.
  • Hydrographic data is often inaccurate or incomplete, and the high latitude can affect navigational equipment.
  • During your journey, you will be out of range of the nearest emergency response services.
  • Plus, full of diesel, oil, wastewater and garbage, what risk does your yacht pose to the pristine nature and wildlife around you?

“These risks are precisely why the International Maritime Organization developed the Polar Code – to ensure that vessels can explore the polar regions in a safe manner and prevent damage to the fragile environment.”
Jaap van der Velde, SeaXplorer Design Manager


The SeaXplorer is purpose-built to comply with the International Maritime Organization’s Polar Code, in force since January 2017 for all new build and existing vessels entering Arctic and Antarctic waters. The regulations are applicable (in general) above 60° north and below 60° south (see illustration). Your Yacht Manager will need to apply for a Polar Code certificate through a classification society. The certificate has three categories: A, B and C, referring to different hazard levels – from all-season, 5-metre thick multi-year ice coverage to open water summer conditions away from the ice.


The SeaXplorer is the world’s first private expedition yacht engineered to comply with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Polar Code category B with heavy ice Polar Class reinforcement.

At the Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA), we put the SeaXplorer to the test. The design successfully proved its icebreaking performance through extensive testing in conditions such as level ice and broken ice, including manoeuvring in ice conditions.

1. Determine the level of capability you need

Without a Polar Code certificate, yachts are forbidden from crossing into the Polar Code zones. But do you need a Category A, B or C certificate? It depends on you. The Polar Code is a riskbased set of regulations: the more risks your itinerary involves, the more measures you need to take to protect the vessel and those on board. So the sort of adventurer you are and the limitations that you are prepared to accept determine the specifications that your yacht needs.

2. Tailor your SeaXplorer with the correct ice strengthening

Most yachts with no ice strengthening will have difficulty obtaining a Polar Code Category C certificate, the lowest level. The SeaXplorer complies with up to Category B – necessary to enjoy the most spectacular scenery and wildlife in the zone between sea and ice, while stretching the cruising season over the summer months for more flexible planning. The design considerations include:

  • Ice belt along the full length of the ship from well below the waterline to up to 2 metres above the waterline to safely handle first year pack ice up to 90 cm thick.
  • Strengthened propulsion installation to prevent damage to the complete propulsion train through ice impact on a propeller; and retractable stabilisers.

3. High safety with a double-acting icebreaking hull

If you find yourself dangerously surrounded by ice, getting free is your top priority. That’s why DAMEN developed the SeaXplorer with not only ice-strengthening, but also icebreaking. However, well-designed icebreaking bows generally have poor seakeeping behaviour. Rather than accept any compromise on comfort and performance for the 99 percent of the time the SeaXplorer is in low ice concentrations or tropical open water, we decided on a double-acting hull. The bow is designed for optimal seakeeping behaviour while the stern has the icebreaking capability.


It’s not how far you can go. It’s how long. The SeaXplorer can remain on station in remote areas for several weeks, with provisions for up to 40 days of full luxury service with no port calls


  • There are no fine dining suppliers, catering or delivery services. You’ll need to take it all with you in the large temperature and humidity controlled cold, freezer, dry and wine stores - along with a professional-sized galley for your chef.
  • Pack plenty of luggage including polar, wet-weather, dive and other expedition gear. And it’s nice to have a dedicated mudroom to change before stepping back into the yacht’s luxury areas.
  • Accommodate expedition staff, experienced guides and ice pilots to coordinate bespoke itineraries with the highest safety standards.
  • Take a long- range helicopter (or two for extra redundancy). A hangar is recommended for weather and salt protection. And you’ll need fuel, parts and accommodation for the pilots.

  • Equip the yacht with medical equipment and a hospital – reaching the nearest emergency services could take several days.
  • High capacity water makers.
  • Fuel capacity to traverse any ocean with ease, as well as petrol for toys and tenders.
  • Air conditioning systems for extreme summer and winter conditions.
  • Workshops and ample storage for spare parts.
  • Don’t forget your garbage! In pristine environments and No Discharge Zones, there’s no place to dispose your rubbish and wastewater so you’ll need a comprehensive waste management system including garbage freezers and wastewater tank capacity.

AT HOME everywhere on the Planet


When you return to society, just as the great explorers of bygone eras, you’ll be met with awe, fascination and we dare say a smidgen of envy.



When clients approach us about their perfect SeaXplorer configuration, they bring inspiring ideas for incredible journeys and unforgettable adventures. The designs in the SeaXplorer offer many options for customisation to fit your unique requirements. Get in touch with our SeaXplorer team to discuss your idea.

The Owner of the first SeaXplorer 75 wanted a luxury expedition yacht with exceptional capability for heliskiing, diving and other tropical and polar adventures. We developed a customised solution with not only a dive centre and submersible hangar, but also a hangar for two helicopters and a standby surface alongside the certified helideck.

The SeaXplorer has an Aft Expedition Centre, a multifunctional space that can be tailor-made to fit your unique requirements: for example, a helicopter hangar, a Beach Club, a tender slipway or a fitness centre.



The transom Boarding Platform opens upwards to reveal the 12-metre slipway.

Dry embarkation means boarding and disembarking is simple and safe for young and old, even when the wind and waves get higher.

There’s still room for an additional 8-metre crew/rescue tender deployed by overhead cranes and a range of waverunners, kayaks and other toys.



Need all-weather protection for your helicopter? Create a hangar with lift system instead.



Are the helicopter, tenders and waverunners enough machines for you? Then create your own fitness centre or Beach Club pool.


The largest SeaXplorer accommodates up to 30 guests in absolute luxury and comfort, highly customised by a leading interior designer of your choice and finished with meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality of craftsmanship. In the guest areas, the SeaXplorer’s interiors can match the top level of an AMELS superyacht, bearing the stamp of your individual originality. Through the synergy of DAMEN and AMELS, the SeaXplorer team has access to the Dutch luxury yacht builder’s deep understanding and long experience of working with the most renowned yacht designers, bringing the unique vision of each Owner to life.


You don’t have to take out one of the tenders to enjoy this incredible wildlife and scenery, thanks to the SeaXplorer’s observation lounge on the Owner’s Deck. And there’s no place on any yacht that can compare with the SeaXplorer’s innovative outdoor bow point observation deck.


Enjoy the comfort of the indoor lounge with stunning 270° horizon views as well as skylights. After the expedition experts’ presentation, step out onto the outdoor bow point observation deck to feel the sea breeze. The views go even farther from the 360° panorama deck two decks up and the exclusive crow’s nest.


Take the SeaXplorer 90’s central staircase or elevator from Main Deck to Bridge Deck – that’s four guest decks – and you are up where the action is. The Sky Lounge, which opens fully to the aft deck for charming, informal and heated outdoor relaxation, connects with the Wheelhouse where you can follow the expedition’s progress and talk with the Captain.


Perhaps no area on board captures the essence of the SeaXplorer’s crossover concept as well as the Owner’s Suite, which combines the ultimate in luxury yachting comfort, elegance and indulgence with stunning views of places other yachts can’t reach. On the SeaXplorer 90, the wide curving windows of the Owner’s stateroom and office connect with the aft outdoor area.


Coming together to relive moments shared during the day, and anticipate the marvels of the next, you and your guests experience formal dining in the SeaXplorer 90’s wonderfully warm and spacious main saloon on Upper Deck.